Thursday, 27 March 2014

33weeks(8months) post 1st op and 3 weeks post 2nd op-

The sickness is back again, just like it did with my first operation. It is everyday and it is really taking a toll on my body, I'm constantly feeling Ill and tired, I hate this feeling. Last time I was 16weeks post op when I decided to tell my consultant about it but I'm not going to wait that long this time, I see him on the 14th april so i will mention it as it is not something I can put up with and I really don't think it is good for the body either. Last time he gave me some tablets and said that if I was still being sick after the tablets had finished i would have to have a camera in my stomach to see if everything is ok. I am hoping it's going to be like last time and he gives me the tablets again, they did help and after they finish I did feel sick sometimes but I was actually never sick but I guess I only stopped those in January time do it wasn't a long time. I am hoping he doesnt just go for the camera since it has happened again as it just sounds scary really.
I'm also going to ask if I can go back to physio as I'm struggling with my recovery,I was struggling with the first one but I guess the second has knocked me back loads. I want to be able to get the most out of my back or well what's left of it and I just don't feel like I am getting that by my self. I did start physio at 7/8weeks post op but the my physio was giving me exercise I shouldn't have been doing as it could have affected the fusion so I was advised to stop going,  I'm now glad I took the paper she gave me with the exercises on to my consultant as we would have never of known othewise.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

32 weeks (8months) post op-

I'm 8months post my spinal fusion surgery!! It seems like it was just yesterday in someways but in others it seems ages ago. I Recieved an Appointment for Monday 28th April to see a pain management Consultant not for pain but because of the numb/hypersensitive patches on my thighs, back and ribcage. My Surgoen thinks he will be able to help get some of the feeling back but there are no promises, I'm actually looking forward to what the consultant says and what he can do as its not a nice feeling I have on the patches at all.. Nobody knows what it feels like to have someone touching them on there back and not being able to feel it. Nobody understands the fear of someone touching or knocking my back or thigh. Some people don't even understand when I say I have very very little or no feeling on my back.
I think it is one of those things that unless you have been or even seen someone go through the surgery and know what they are going through, you won't understand.  It's not nice at all,it's not nice to be told you may not get the proper feeling in your back EVER again. Having scoliosis or Kyphosis or both for the matter is not easy but the surgery itself is like a marathon something big that you have to overcome and conquer.
have known people to say that the surgery is not a big deal and given a few weeks I SHOULD be able to do everything just because they can they dont have scoliosis. In fact the surgery is a massive deal, I would like to see them be cut open, having there spine put back into the right place, having  long heavey titanium rods attach by screw and hooks topped by a bone graft all done in hours. (mine took 11hours !) then being told they have to learn most things even SIMPLE things again. Such as rolling on your side, getting out of bed, sitting in a chair and then relearng to walk again. Then they can tell me i should do everything like normal again. It is not easy nor should it seem easy, I think that everyone with Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Fused or not are brave and are true warriors. I for one want everyone to know that!<3
Kirsty xxx

Thursday, 13 March 2014

31weeks(7months) post op-

feel like I have taken tons of steps back since my 2nd operation a week ago, I was only just starting to feel like my old self. I was only just getting to the point of being able to do slightly more. I guess you can say its taking me a good while to recover, longer than some I suppose. im getting annoyed at the fact I still can't do everything I want but I know it's could take up to a year(or longer) to be able to!! It's only been 7months since my first operation so In some ways I'm doing great. I just have to remember that everyones body is different, everyone heals differently and that now  its MY life and can choose how live it,not my back controlling my every move.
Before my operation I became so wonky. My shoulders were so uneven and my right hip stuck out loads, when I used to walk I used to use my right hip to rest my arm on when it ached,I couldn't sit in a chair 'normally' I would fall to the left and slouch, it was embarrassing. I was constantly out of breath. I used to bend to get something off the floor and my massive rib hump would appear, I didn't want it there nor should it have been there but I guess it became a part of me for a while but now I don't I don't have that to worry about my back is straighter than i Ever imagined it to be I may have lost flexibility from the length of the fusion but at this moment in time it doesn't really bother me,I now how have something to be proud of and I am very proud of my journey so far:) 
Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

1 week post 2nd operation!

So where have I been? what I have been up to? how come I haven't posted yet?
Well to start off I had my 2nd operation on Tuesday 4th march and everything went well as expected. I had to be at the hospital at 7:15am  on Tuesday morning meaning I was up at 3am getting ready and sorting the last bits and bobs out. (too too early).
When we got there we just waited and waited until around 8am when a healthcare assistant called my name for a height/weight check and we had to wait again! at around 8:30am we was called to see the anaethist, doctor and the spinal nurse they checked all my details ect and explained that they was going to go in and trim abit of the rod that was causing all my pain and discomfort but they would have to extend my original scar. We then returned to the waiting room for 15minutes and then we went on to a ward to do some more waiting!
11am came and it was time for me to get into my gown and into a bed for my pre med or 'knock out' juice as the nurse called it (its a tablet that makes you all relaxed and drowsy) where I was then told I was confined to the bed and told not aloud under any circumstances to get out! A long wait for my mom but a nap for me later I was taken down to theatre and knocked out at 2:30pm.

I was taken to the spinal ward at about 4:45pm so the operation didn't take too long but it was long enough to knock me about! I was in a lot of pain and at first they would only prescribe 1 and  1/2 paracetamol due to apparently my height and weight but after my mom and dad moaning I was given dyhydrocondine and then after still being in ALOT of pain I was given oramorph at around 11pm so I could sleep. I would say each day got better pain wise but it didn't it hurt so much. the nurses were getting concerned on Wednesday morning as I hadn't gone to the toilet yet at first they thought I was probably holding it so I didn't have to use a bedpan so (even though I wasn't suppose to get out of bed yet!) they took me to the toilet too there surprise like I said I didn't need the toilet! they did keep saying if I didn't go soon they would scan my stomach and see about putting a catheter up there but they never did! the physio's came around 1:30pm on Wednesday to try and get to the the toilet again, I went but they wasn't happy with the amount that came out and they wasn't happy with the amount I was drinking either...(naughty me!!) everytime I drank a decent amount I was being sick everywhere it happened a lot and it hurt to be sick.
I had a slightly better sleep on the night and at around 10:30am on thurday the physios came to see if I could walk and bit futher and try going up stairs. I did it, it hurt loads and I had to keep sitting down but I did it! soon after I was old I was being diacharged and after my dinner a porter came to get me. my dad had already taken all my stuff to the car so my mom and sister was with me when the porter arrived and before I knew it I was in the car on the way home! to be honest I really didn't feel well or I didn't even think I was well enough to go but I guess they needed the bed as they rushed the whole discharge thing!
I cant actually believe its been 1 week since the operation though. I am still on the morphine and other tablets and I do feel crappy, in pain but I guess that's expected. today i have reduced my morphine in hope i can start to come off it. At the moment i feel like i have taken 1000steps backwards in my recovery but i see my consultant in  6 weeks time and things will be better then hopefully!
Below are pictures from my stay in hospital and my scar.