Friday, 24 October 2014

63weeks(14months) post 1st op and 33weeks(7months) post the 2nd-

Last Monday I saw my CPN for the very first time, I was so nervous, I didn't want her to think what I was saying was stupid, the appointment lasted well over an hour so she could get an idea of why I was there,I know have to write a food diary untill I see her next and write a list of foods I will and won't eat, that's a challenge in its self as there isn't many foods I can think of that I can't actually say I like haha! I also had to go see a gp Wednesday, the one I saw the,at time had no appointments, and the CPN wanted me to go on some anti depressents as they could help, but this GP wouldn't give me anything, I couldn't eve have pain relief for my back that has been hurting a bit lately! Apparently they would all knock me about to much and she wasn't happy giving them to me with my weight, she even had a fit when I told her I was taking 2paracetamol 4 times a day for my back, apparently this is an overdose? I thankfully manage to talk myself out of getting admitted to hospital for a check up because of it!
This week has been quite boring really, I haven't done much other than try and sort jimbo out, it's still very hard and I get tired. The CPN rang on Tuesday to check if I was ok, which I thought was lovely! It was a suprize when I answered the phone and she was talking .

 I am taking paracetamol daily now for the pain near my hooks and my pain in my lower back but it doesn't do much if at all anything. I see mr Mehta again next Monday so we will hopefully get to find out what's going on with my back, I hope nothing bad is wrong. I also see my GP Tuesday, so f all goes to plan I can try and get something to help, hopefully of course!

In other news, jimbo isn't very well, he has now got athritis in all of his 4 legs, the back ones aren't as bad as his front but it is still there, we have to keep him as mobile as possible as it would help. What is worrying the most is because jimbo is drinking tons and  tons of water which isn't like him at all, jim hardly drinks anything in his Stanley but he has been drinking loads. He also isn't eating his tea, he will eat hay and grass but that's it so the vet was to test his bold to check his liver and kidney are ok. I really hope they are, but if it is apparently in the early stages there Is medications
 That can try and help it but there is no gaurentee it will work. :(
Kirsty sxxxxxx

Saturday, 11 October 2014

61weeks(14months) post 1st op and 31weeks(7months) post second op-

This week started with my twin having her last pre op assessment ready for her operation, which was spinal cord monitoring, it wa weird to see Jems perspective of the test, I found it funny but odd and laughed the whole was through it but Jem on the other hand said it as vile and painful! Anyway, it was done within 15minutes. I had my laser treatment on Thursday's, it was perfect timing really as my thigh was giving me some trouble, not pain, but it was very sensitive, the laser is actually helping that part of my body, I'm not too sure on anything else, it's weird, it's kind of like i don't really remember what it felt like before.
I went really faint again on Wednesday, I'm trying to eat more and I'm eating more than I did but it is still happening? Apparently even with the iron and vitamin D I'm still looking very pale:'( , if this keeps going on I'll have to back to my GP as I don't reckon it's normal and I did ask him if there was anything I could take for my lower back pain but he just stated he would sort that when everything else is sorted!
I managed to fall down the stairs yesterday landing on my back! I should really have clumsy wrote across my fore head, better still, i will invest in some bubble wrap. I had the same burning pain going up my back like I did when max knocked me over, and I'm hurting and aching this morning but silly me still decided to go for a walk out on my pony, everything was going great, untill the way back to the yard that is, this kid came bombing past on a scooter, those ones that were cool when you was 7 well he was like 14 (not kidding!) well jimbo spooked and went cantering sidewards bucking down this very busy small lane we was riding on! The kid didn't even have the politeness to say sorry he just carried on bombing past Jem nd my friend gabby. I had to get off jim as he was prettified, Gabby kindly swapped horses with me so I rode her horse back. my back is super sore now from that, so I'll stock up on the paracetamol tonight! Since max knocked me over I've lost a lot of my confidence with the horses, I now have this panicking feeling whenever I go in the field to get them, I just don't want to snap my rods, I think it's also because I was comfortable in cantering, galloping jumping and everything before my operation and I haven't managed to get to it yet,I'm still just walking, which ok I'd rather be able to walk on my ponies than do nothing!!!
Kirsty xxxxx