Thursday, 6 August 2015


Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my first operation! I can't believe it,it seems like yesterday that I was in hospital. The pain,fear and tears were worth everything, I'm so much more happier with myself and the way I look. It has been an emotional rollercoster and a hard few years but I feel that part of it has made me who I am today! I still have pain, but it's not what I used to have, oh no. It's a lot different, Its better I would say.

I know no longer worry about what clothes I wear to cover my back or who is looking at me, I am starting to expect my body for the way it is. I can't thank both my surgeons enough for what they have done for me, I'll forever be greatful:)

Next week I see mr Mehta for a follow up appointment, origally my appointment was in September but mr Mehta Recieved a letter from my GP regarding a few lumps that have appeared on my back,they hurt, especially when lent on so I'm hoping to get that sorted on monday:):)

Saturday is my first post op horse show, instead of my useual pre op jumping, I'll be doing a dressage test (intro B) I'm both excited and nervous for that!

Kirsty xxxx