Wednesday, 23 April 2014

37weeks (9months) post op-

Last week was a very tough week, on Monday just before we saw my consultant  we got the news that my loan horse of 4years had to be put down so we spend every afternoon with him it was the longest I've ever stayed at the stables but every second was worth it, on thursday (17th april) we said our final goodbye to boris, it wasn't easy but knowing he was suffering made it easier, I'll never forget Boris he has helped me through so much, I owe him everything.  On a better note I got my body protector on Saturday that meant I could finally ride my horse again, the first proper time in 9months! It was great, I was a little bit sore and tired after but I'm sure it will get better as time goes on.
I'm seeing pain management next Monday (28th) I'm am so hoping they can sort my hypersensitivity and numbness out as it now seems to be getting worse..just after my first operation it was down my thighs but now the one on my left thigh has spreaded to my knee:( I don't want it to keep getting worse, also I still haven't received my tablets for my sickness/ acid reflux I still constantly feel sick but for the past 2/3days it hasn't  happened I'm hoping I can go a few more days with out being sick but I doubt it:/. It cant be that hard to sort some tablets out right?
Below are some pictures of me having a little walk about on Max and Jimbo I wasn't on the long. Jimbo was a bit too fizzy and fast because he has been recovering from laminitis so I don't think I will be riding him again until he calms down abit I really don't want to damage my back this early on. Also I have put a picture of how my scar is looking and a picture of me and boris a few days before he had to be put down:)
Kirsty xxxx

Monday, 14 April 2014

36weeks(9months) post op-

Alot has been happening over the past week or so, I have been trying to do more and more, I have been attempting to take my dog Bruce for a walk every night. It is a challenge but I know If i keep at it i will be able to do it! 
After my second operation my leg started to swell up the nurse I saw reassured me and my mom it was because I wasn't doing enough walking ect so that is why I started walking the dog and trying to see my horse but after a few days it got worse and the stitching I had came even looser so today (14th april) I saw my consultant for my 6 week post op check he checked my leg and told me just to keep the hospital stockings on and to just keep doing everything I'm doing and he hopes it goes down also he got one of the nurses to sort the stitch out, it was very unpleasant but it was over within a second or two! I am also having the same tablets I had the last time as I'm constantly being sick again and I will be starting physio not for my back but for my legs this is because ever since my dirt operation I have been finding walking hard, I walk different to everyone like a penguin really haha! But I'm sure it will all get sorted.
I also asked a few questions which were playing on my mind and guess what?!?!?!
I HAVE THE ALL CLEAR TO RIDE AGAIN!!! Ok ok I am only allow to get on from time to time and Just walk but it is a start!!!! I will be able to do everything again when I'm one year post op including galloping and jumping I will have to wear a body protector from now on but I will it is better riding with a deformed spine and take extra care here and here:) my consultant even said I maybe able to go to the Northern Racing College in the future probably not riding there but doing a non ridden course which is something I thought was so out of the question now my spine is fused. I have 4months of not seeing my consultant it's the longest I have gone without an appointment (well since the operation anyways!) but if I have any problems I am welcome to make an appointment to see him but hopefully I don't have to:) 
I cannot wait now to see pain managent to get the hypersensitive and numb parts sorted and then I'm hoping all will be good!:)
Kirsty xxxxx

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

34 weeks (8months post op) - one month post second operation!!

So I am 4 weeks post my second operation to trim my left rod! Wow I cant actually believe it has been a months, it doesn't even seem that long! Everything is getting slightly better and I did manage to go see my horse on both Saturday and Sunday for a few hours, I may have just stood there but it is a start just like the last time and it is going take its time. Oh well ill get there I'm sure!
I have been having a few problems with my scar, not with healing in such but it just feels so strange and irritating around it. I never had this irritating feeling with my first scar and it is a lot longer but it feels so vile when clothes touch it and in general I just have this constant feeling! I also have a loose stitch type of thing which is at the bottom of my the new scar it is like a greeny/yellowy colour, I really don't know what to do about it as it never happened with the last one and they are dissolvable stitches so I am not too sure why it has happened, I guess it is another thing im going to ask about when I see my surgeon in a few weeks!
kirsty xxxx