Tuesday, 7 July 2015

100weeks (23months) post my 1st op and 70 weeks (15months) post my second op-

I haven't posted on here for a while but I thought id post to fill everyone in about whats going on in my life.
Well last Tuesday I saw Mr green (Shoulder surgeon) and all the tests he had previously done came back with all good news! yay, I have been reffered to physio again but this time they can try help do things more a little harder, hopefully I should get the power in my arm back fully but its going to take a lot of work:) im up for it though.

Jemma had her 6 month check up yesterday and she's been having problems and pain since her fall in April, she landed very hard on the concrete so Mr Mehta is going to repeat the CT scan she had before that fall and see if things have moved etc. she is sadly still on the pain killers she left the hospital on, but im hoping in time things will get better.

My back has been good lately! I still have aches and pains but im doing my best just to carry on, I spoke to Mr Mehta yesterday (robbed jem's appointment again.... Ooops!) because I really want to start riding again, badly, so I asked if he could write me a letter for the RDA (riding for the disabled) to clear me to start having a few lessons, which is a start, I am wanting in the future to compete my max again but that's going to take work and time as I have to still learn how to adjust, who knows maybe I will surprise myself and it wont be as hard as im thinking it will be? We sadly had to retire Jimbo (our other horse), because he's arthritis is getting bad and

you can tell he know longer wants to be ridden, its upsetting since I haven't really rode in in 2 years. yeah ok I got on him and had a little walk around now and again, but nothing like going on hacks etc which he loved.

I cant believe in a month it will mark the 2 year anniversary of my operation! wow, looking back I cant believe how far I have come and what things I have achieved (little for some big for me!), I will always be very grateful to Mr Mehta and Mr Marks, my life is so much better and I have a much more positive out look on my life.

I've attached a few photos below of mine and jemma's scar and also a photo with Mr Mehta whilst we were at jemma's appointment.:)

Kirsty xxx