Wednesday, 17 February 2016

29months post op-

In January we saw our surgeon again, I'm defiantly having my 2 hooks removed now (yay) but I'm not sure when, my hooks do hurt a lot so I hope I'm not waiting too long, we also sadly had some news we weren't expecting from that appointment, due to Jemma having on going pain in her back, it's been suggested that she has her rods removed, this is a huge shock as she's only just a year post op! I know Jemma is scared of the chance that she may recurve again, after all her scoliosis below the Rods has increased.  She has been offered a second opinion either in Oxford or Bristol so we are now waiting for her medical records to be sorted so they can make the appointment, Jemma also has asked our gp to refer her to stanmore in London as they ate suppose to be great!
We have started the pain management programme at the hospital, let's say it's interesting,  it all about trying to manage you pain in different ways, like meditation and things, it's not really something that's going to help us but it might help others!
I'll be updating whenever I hear anything from the hospital.
Kirsty xxxx