Monday, 7 December 2015

Me,My eating disorder and I. Anorexia recovey update-

Its been a long while since I posted about my mental health so I thought id update you all, Everything in recovery was going well until the past few weeks, Im at the highest weight I've been in ages and ED hates it im having so many thoughts about being 'too fat' and that I should loose more weight again. im 45kg now up from 40kg and when I reach 46.5kg the aim will be to maintain my weight. I really am starting to freak out it to be honest as when I look in the mirror I already see fat:( im still managing  to eat my meal plan even though its getting harder, three meals, three snacks! it is a challenge still to this very day. I have an Appointment in the second week of January too see about getting my medication changed as I don't feel like it is working anymore and my GP cant change it, im hoping he will suggest some groups etc to help my anxiety as that is a defiant trigger for my eating disorder!
kirsty xxx

27 months first operation and 20 motnhs from my second-

So 7 weeks ago (tomorrow) on the 20th October Jemma had her second operation to remove a screw and a bit of rod from her back as it was thought that it was the cause of the pain. the operation was 3hours and 45mins and she spent 1d0days in hospital struggling with the pain management, She has follow up appointment next Monday (14thdecember) to see the surgeon to discuss what else can be done and whether
she will have to see a second opinion as the pain hasn't gone and is worse. I really hope he can help because at 20 she shouldn't and doesn't want to depend on pain killers.

I still haven't heard anything about my operation and if/when it will be but my Gp has finally let me have some pain relief 8mg cocodamol (1 tablet) when needed! it does help a bit but it doesn't get rid of all the pain, my next follow up appointment with Mr Mehta is onm the 4th of January so by then I hope something is sorted if not  then I honestly don't know whats going to happen

This week on Thursday  I have my last physio appt on my shoulder it has helped loads! I am able to fully use my arm now although the funny sensations and pain is still there at the moment it doesn't bother me much!
ill add some photos from jems operation stay below!!!
kirsty xxxx