Thursday, 26 December 2013

20 weeks(5months)post op- not all plain sailing!

Some things have been kind of bothering me lately and it's annoying me because of course I'm extremely happy with my new very straight back in fact I'm over the moon with's just that after the operation I developed a big numb/hyper sensitive patch on my left thigh and a smaller patch on my right thigh  I can't stand anything knocking it or touching it even clothes sometimes! I told my surgeon and he said it could either have been caused by lying in the same position for 11/12hours like I did in theatre or them knocking a nerve, he said the 'normal' feeling that I should have may or may not come back.. I really hope it does as the feelings horrible! I also have very sore ribs and a few ribs that stick out on the front of my body this is because of the type of curve I had and my ribs grew deformed when I hit a growth spurt probably no surgeon will touch them as if they do it will have w massive affect of my breathing, I had problems with shortness of breath and my breathing in gerenal do I don't want to have that again.
Another thing is that again because of my operation I have not much feeling in my back at the moment and I can't stand people,clothes and water touching any of back, I come out the shower in tears because of the strange/weird/nasty feeling of the water touching my back and because of it I'm really struggling to wash my hair that and the fact I'm so used to bending my back while washing it and I can't now. My surgeon is saying you can get a type of cream that helps with the numbness in my back but if I get it I really don't know how I'm supposed to put it on as I said I can't stand ANYTHING touching my back:( like the patches of my thighs the feel may or may not fully come back:'(.
This past few weeks I have been getting some pain in my lower neck and lower back I have been taking paracetamols to try and help but it's something I'm going to ask my surgeon about it as it the pain in my lower back is below my fusion where the 3vertebrae I have left are, I maybe just worrying to much but the pain I had before my operation started out the same way I really don't want to be in that much pain again.
I'm not saying all this too scare anyone out of surgery because its the best thing I've don't but I guess I've just hit a bit of a bump on this bendy road...
Kirsty xxxx

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

19weeks post op-

I am 19 weeks post op yesterday! Every week is getting better I am starting to be able to do more for my self also I am starting to feel better but I am still unable to walk far or do much outside I can't wait to be able to get everything back to the way it was even though it's going to take a while. I do miss being around my friends and just going on a hack on the ponies, I hate just sitting in the house all day I get so frustrated and bored because before even though my bad hurt so much and i got out of breath easily I still did everything as I wasn't going to let it beat me!
Hopefully if I keep trying to go for little walks and trying to do a little more each day I won't get so tired and by the time I'm 6months post op I should be able to go shopping or something with my friends.
Kirsty xxxx

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Photo's of my back and my recovery in hospital.

As i have mentioned my back alot in the past posts i thought put a few photos of what my back looked like and now looks like, Before my operation it was so hard to hide my back and to find nice clothes that went over my curves, i couldn't wear dresses because all of them wouldn't go over my back or do up or jeans because i had very odd hips and it would rub. I have also added a few pics from when i was in hospital recovering...
Kirsty :)

Sunday, 1 December 2013


I made a YouTube video of my experience and my journey so far (before and after) and I'd though I would share as it may come in handy for someone:)
I know for me watching videos of people who had surgery helped me when I had it so hope this helps!
Kirsty:) x

Third post

So a year ago today I made the massive decision to have surgery by all means it wasn't easy I was petrified, I went to the appointment with a list of questions to ask my consultant which included 'will my back continue to get worse?'  'will I always be in constant pain?' and my most important one 'will I be able to ride my horses again?'. I also had lots of fears and worries ' what can go wrong?' 'howwill I be able to bend?' 'will i look like a robot?'and a another big one 'what's the risk of paralysis?'. I am quite lucky in ways as my consultant says it how it is and doesn't sugar coat anything so basically you know he is being truthful.  After my consultant when through everything and the procedure I spoke with my family for a few minutes, for me being 17 at the time I wanted the biggest say on what the decision was, taking everything in account I agree to have the operation,  even after how scary it sounded. I left that appointment questioning if I made the right choice and now 4 months post the surgery I feel that I did, it wasn't easy and yes there are a few things I would love to forget but my back looks so much nicer than my 95degree kyphosis curve ever did. This year has been full of different hospital appointments for my back and I hope In the future that I wont have to go that much.