Tuesday, 29 July 2014

51weeks(11moths)post 1st op and 21 weeks post the 2nd op-

Many things happened last week and I didn't have time to post really so here goes-
I have been trying to do some type of exercises  everyday, it is hard, im not as flexible and everything as I was before my operation but what I have noticed is that my lung function seems slightly better, that's got to be good right? I will do this military fitness test for NRC it maybe not turn out good but I am demand to try and have a go, I know the rest of the people have an advantage but I don't care
I started physiotherapy with my new physio Thursday, he isn't as easy going and laid back as my old one, he pushes you a lot, which I don't think is a good thing in moderation, I just don't want to be pushed too far, I see him again next Wednesday, the exact day when I turn 1 YEAR yes you heard it 1 year post op, I cannot believe that in nearly a week it would have been a year since my first operation. I also have Laser treatment next Thursday , my friend Millie is coming with me and my sister so it should be good, I haven't seem Millie in like a year! .:)
Another thing that is bothering me lately is people thinking that they think they know best. the truth and fact is that no-body does, its a part of life we are always continually learning.  the reason im saying this is because a person made a comment about small scoliosis curves, Apparently they cannot cause pain. But every persons scoliosis is their own, unique you will never find 2 alike at all. how does this person know that the scoliosis curves isn't causing pain? it is not her body so she cant say anything and cant judge. I'm also not saying I know everything because I certainly don't but i have done research and lived, experience this for the past 4 years, so i do know my fair share of things. my small scoliosis curve cause me a hell of a lot of pain, so i am example of what can stem of it. it Annoys me when people pre judge and think just because they aren't going through it or don't know about it that its ok to say wile things. its not on and shouldn't happen.
Kirsty xxxx

Saturday, 19 July 2014

49weeks(11months) post 1st op and 19weeks(4months)post the 2nd!-

I have received a phone call this week from my old physio giving me all the details of when I start with the new physiotherapist, it is for next Thursday, Apparently he knows what he is doing so it should turn out ok. Whilst we are on the topic on exercise I had my very first post op run..well slow jog... it felt so strange! At first it felt like someone was kicking me in the back but after a while that subsided, i'm hoping to get fit enough for this fitness test!
Thursday I had my Second lot of Laser treatment, im not too sure whether it is working...my back is still the same, I only have 2 treatments left I am worried that it wont work just like the cream, how weird would it be to go through the rest of my life with no/numb feeling on the whole of back, ribcage and over sensitive areas on my thigh, lower back.  I had to try and put some suncream on my back the other day, it was so vile. Nasty almost. I know people who are a few weeks/months post op and have felt some odd burning/random sensations on the backs where the nerves/muscles are healing yet I have had nothing...for 11months! I wonder why its happened this way for me, I know it probably couldn't have been helped or stopped. I guess the damage is done and we just have to try deal with it.
My lower back is so sore this week, im not sure if this is because I am doing more or what but I do know that taking Paracetamol for my back does noting, Its just basically like me just eating sweets. I have taken an Ibuprofen today one of the ones I was first give when I went to my GP at the start, it is 600mg and it hasn't made a difference.. hope it goes away soon!
Kirsty xxx

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

48weeks(11months)post 1st op and 18weeks(4months) post 2nd op-

Nothing really happened last week it was quite boring really, I have just just been trying to do more with the horses, I will admit it is tiring but that is because im not used to doing it now that ive had a long time off! This week has been full of interesting stuff though, On Monday we went to my physio appointment to get there to be told it was cancelled apparently my physio was ill. It would have been nice to have been told before we had left the house but oh well. I mean it takes most people half an hour to get to the hospital and they tried ringing us at bloody 8:10am when my appointment was at 8:30am so not a good start, We then tried to re-arrange the appointment with my physio to be then told she had no more appointments available until she leaves! I have an appointment tomorrow now with a random physio. I hope to god she knows about scoliosis and spinal fusions and we actually do something or it will be another wasted journey! Today we were at ROH for my sisters pre-op, it went well she still has the lung function test, hyper extension x-rays and spinal cord monitoring test before the operation and then she will just have to wait for her 1 weeks notice, I know she is worried about it all but we are all there for her and I know she can do it! nothing will beat her<3 .
Ive finally had all my dates come through for my laser treatment, it seems to be every 3 weeks which is no so bad... I guess! I do hope they work, even if its just a little bit so my fingers are all crossed!
We had a letter today from the hospital to say my appointment with Mr Mehta had been rearranged, it was 29th of September now its a month later in October, This was suppose to be my one year check up but it seems the one year mark will have already gone by the time I have seen him! I would have liked to have gone through a few things with him, but I guess they may have to wait now.

On a slightly more positive note, i have an interview at the Northern Racing College!!!! Its is on the 18th or 19th of September, im excited about this as it is means my life can hopefully get back on track but the interview involves a military fitness test...I don't even know if i am aloud to do it! it involves running, sit ups and press ups and a lot more. I will admit i am super super unfit. i haven't properly exercised since i left school...like 3 years ago now? so i have a lot of work to do. I also have to obtain a letter from Mr Mehta to say i am fit enough to do the fitness test and the course, it will slightly hard now considering my appointments not until October...So i either have to ring his secretary or ring NRC and ask if there is any chance i can re arrange the interview for like November.. at least id be more fit then right?
kirsty:) xxxx