Friday, 26 December 2014

72weeks (17months) post first op and 42weeks (10months) post 2nd op!-

It's boxing day, that means it was Christmas yesterday! My favourite time of year, everyone seems so much more jollier and happier at Christmas, it's nice to see:)
With Christmas in mind I haven't had time to post i feel bad for that, things have been happening and I will update you -
I had physio on the 16th December  it went good and it wasn't what I was expecting really, he gave me 3 excerses to do to help my shouldetblade as apparently the left of sticks out abit, it's to make it flatter. He also said my muscles around it are very weak and stiff so he was massaging them to 'wake' and loosen  them up at abit. It did feel odd but actually nice!!
I also had a letter from the hospital ( explaining what happened in clinic when I saw mr mehta last time) and there was a paragraph that took me by surprise really, he mentioned about the radiology  department having a look at my X-rays and checking for pseudarthrosis andi I was suspected they should do a SPECT CT scan. Well Monday we had a call from my surgeons secretary and guess what? They want to do the scan its looking like it will be done next year and they are also are planning on doing my intercostal block after the scan so I could be waiting a long long time yet. I'm not sure what will happen after the scan or how we will get the result or anything like I said its take me by surprise!
Jemma's operation is fast approaching its in 10days! We go to see mr Mehta next week to go through everything. I'm more nervous about her operation than I was my own!
I'll update you more next week:)
Kirsty xxxxx

Sunday, 14 December 2014

70 weeks(16months) post 1st operation and 40 weeks (9months) post the 2nd operation-

Things here have been very quiet with me the last 2 weeks as nothing has really happened. I had laser therapy on my back on the 4th December, it does seem to help, I mean I also do feel less stiff when I have it, it apparently was my last course of treatment so I have to wait to see my pain management doctor again too see what else he can do, I have the appointment to see him, but it's no untill late march next year, so I am stuck with nothing untill then, oh apart from a TENs unit th pm nurse gave me to try, but it is not doing anything apart from heating my back up ( in and out!!) I can't feel any little eletrical pulses PE everyone else can, there seems to be nothing, it's on the highest setting as well!!

This week started off with me having an appointment with my GP, it was to check how I'm getting on with the anti depressants and for my blood test results. Well there has been a big sickness bug going around my area for a while and she caught it, as well as 1 other doctor and 2 nurses, meaning she phone in sick, no appointment for me yippie!! Lol. 
On Thursday Jem had her pre op which was eventful, everything was going well untill they came to do a blood test and then bam! Jemmas veins decide they don't want to play. It took3 hours 3 nurses, 1 stressed out doctor and the anethatist do find a vein, they all had preveiously taken it in turns separately but it was none successful, poor Jem had7/8 needles poked in her in total, so she wasn't Impressed. Another things we found out was Jemma is having her operation on the 6th of Jen and not the 7thmeaning it has been brought forward a day. Se is being admitted on the 5th though to finsh off the tests etc.

Tomorrow I am seeing my CPN ( oh the fun!) I am Hoping she is still pleased with my progress as I am trying, but we shall see! I am also starting physio on Tuesday (16th) at ROH, we had a phone call Friday asking ifi could make that time and date, let's hope this will help..
Kirsty xxxx