Thursday, 21 July 2016

2 years 11months post op-

Its nearly three years since my operation, which is amazing, it actually feels unreal! evrything with me me is going good so far, Ive had to have a few weeks off work while they sort a sutible placement for me to go on as they feel like that being on a ward will be too much wear and tear on my spine,  im hopefully going back soon! I am wanting to do more with max so the plan is too get out and about more and get him and me in shape, im happy with the p;rogress we both are making:)
I am managing the pain that i am having with a mixture of different things (heat, tigar balm, cocodamol) and so far it is lessening it. we are doing a yard funraiser next week for SAUK, we will be doing a yard ride, tombola and telling cakes in hope that we will raise some money!

Yesterday jemma passed her driving test!! im so happy that after all the rubbish she has been through since her operation something good has happened, we went to RNOH monday and they said because she is a complex case they want to have meeting to decide how they can

Im having alot of body comfidence issues lately, i really hate how my body looks since i gained the weight back, i just feel so ugly the only thing i do love is my scar! recovering from an eating disorder is so hard.

kirsty:) xxx

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

32 months post-

Things are starting to hopefully look up for me and jemma! Jemma had some good news from Stanmore which Is that they are trying to come up with a plan to hopefully to get her better, they have a few ideas in mind but they want another SPECT CT scan first, which will be done down London. everyone at Stanmore have been very helpful so far so we are hoping for good things <3

Secondly I have some news regarding my operation, I received a date to have my operation on the 24th of may but I have now decided that I will give it 6 months before having it, why you may ask??? I HAVE AN APPRENTICESHIP! I start on the 23rd of may, I cant believe it im so so so excited! its at a hospital training to become a healthcare assistant, its a year long thing 37.5 hours a week and im feeling hopeful that my back will be ok! I am now taking 2 8mg cocodamol when I need it, which is helping.

we also have moved our pony max to a new yard, this one haindoor and a outdoor school and beautiful hacking, im loving it there already! max is thriving and I feel like I can start to do things with him. ill post a few pictures below on how we are doing.

I have come to the decision to discharge myself, from all mental health services as im scared it will go against me with my up coming OT assessment for work. I wont have time to commit to appointments so I think it will be for the best,
I am scared to be honest, im worried I wont cope and ill relapse with my eating disorder, even now the thoughts are still there, and can be very loud. I really want to keep my promise to jimbo and keep at recovery so im going to try my hardest!

Kirsty xxx

Sunday, 6 March 2016

This isnt goodbye, its see you soon.- RIP Jimbo.

On the 27th of January we had to make the heart breaking decision to have Jimbo put to rest, with his arthritis getting worse and spreading we thought it was the kindest thing for him. The decision wasn't a easy one, we know he had a lovely 6 years with us and lived a great 23 years. he was one well loved pony, I never thought that when he cantered off with me when I first rode him we would have been so close, but we was!
He has done so much for me and helped me through so much, he gave me a purpose to keep going and gave me that reason to try and fight my demons, without him to say im finding it hard is a understatement. It is so upsetting to be down the stables and not have his cheeky character in your face. I am struggling with him not being here, he had such a massive positive impact on my life and without him I feel lost.

People say he is 'just' a horse but to me he was way way more than that he was my best friend who knew everything about how I felt and was there for me when I down,upset, he would always cheer me up!

So jimbo, I guess this isn't goodbye, its see you soon! I love you so much jimmy! :(

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

29months post op-

In January we saw our surgeon again, I'm defiantly having my 2 hooks removed now (yay) but I'm not sure when, my hooks do hurt a lot so I hope I'm not waiting too long, we also sadly had some news we weren't expecting from that appointment, due to Jemma having on going pain in her back, it's been suggested that she has her rods removed, this is a huge shock as she's only just a year post op! I know Jemma is scared of the chance that she may recurve again, after all her scoliosis below the Rods has increased.  She has been offered a second opinion either in Oxford or Bristol so we are now waiting for her medical records to be sorted so they can make the appointment, Jemma also has asked our gp to refer her to stanmore in London as they ate suppose to be great!
We have started the pain management programme at the hospital, let's say it's interesting,  it all about trying to manage you pain in different ways, like meditation and things, it's not really something that's going to help us but it might help others!
I'll be updating whenever I hear anything from the hospital.
Kirsty xxxx