Monday, 29 September 2014

60weeks(14months) post 1st op and 30weeks(7months) post 2nd op-

Well I went to my follow up appointment with my GP and he thinks after seeing me and my blood test results (Although they are not too bad at the moment!) That i may have have Anorexia! How I can have Anorexia? I don't know as im not thin. I have weight on me but apparently not enough, being class as anorexic brings a whole load of new things, appontments, seeing more people, not to mention what my friends and other people will think, there is alot of bad stigma about anorexia, I think he suspected anorexia before I had my blood test as he kept asking about my eating habits and all.  My GP also says this is why im always cold and thinks it has a part to why my hands go a blue/purple colour all the time and why im tired.
I have been given some vitamin D tablet things to take, my Gp was constantly mentioning Anorexia can lead to osteoporosis and He is also stating this maybe the reason why im taking so long to recover from my operations, as im apparently not putting enough in my body to help my back fuse and for me to do normal day to day things.  Its kind of frustrating really, I want to be normal! Is it only me thinks im ok? I like my weight, I love my back, I hate that things are getting in my way, I want to lead a normal life, is that to hard to ask?
Anyway In order to be 'Healthy' I have to gain weight! to 50kg, in all honestly I don't want to, im happy and fine the way I am. When I see the CPN about my anxiety I have also have mention  all this as she may to a further assessment. I don't want to let anyone down by not gaining weight or anything if it going to help but I'm scared to,I don't want to get fat. :(

this was just a quick post really as I did say I would update you, ill post more as this week goes by!
Kirsty! :) xxxx

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

59weeks(13months) post op and 29weeks(6months) post 2nd op-

I haven't really had time to post anything in the past 2 weeks but here is what has happened. I saw my GP not last Thursday but the Thursday before as I kept going really faint, dizzy and just didn't feel right. Well after him taking my blood pressure, pulse and that, He said my blood pressure is really low and I was looking really pale and 'fragile' also kept mentioning my weight when he weighed me, Im now 42kg and I was around 49kg just before my second operation. Apart from being told I need to gain weight, he asked for a blood test to check if everything was ok, I asked f there was anything I could take for my lower back pain as it is bothering me but he said he would discuss it more when I see him next, I also have to now go see a CPN as my anxiety is getting really bad and out of control, its just everyday over the stupidest things so I have an appointment with her in early October..
Last Monday I had the blood test it was so painful and very hard to find a vein, I ended up being prodded in both my arms with the needle a good few times before anything decided to come out! I have gained a lovely bruise on both arms from that now haha! I had the results back and im apparently anaemic so im on iron tablets to help, I have to go for a follow up Appointment on Thursday not sure why though :)
Ive also been signed off doing anything for another 8weeks, I would love to be able to get on with my life without struggling like I am, I never thought I would struggle this much. Most of my friends are back to work in 3 months but here I am 2 operations, 13months on still finding things hard. I wish I could be like everyone else and just be able to just do things  and just be able to walk with out being tired, I guess life isn't just on my side right now:/
Ive been having trouble with my feet going dead and fuzzy, its happening quite a bit now, its weird I will be fine one minute and then the next they will just go. I had hoped it was just a phase and it would pass but I don't think it will.
As well as my ribcage and the area I was knocked over on, I also have noticed I am having like electric shock type feelings in my right lower back, near my hip it will come and go but its worse when I do things like attempt to muck out. im not sure why I am getting that feeling but it spreads to the side of my hips.
Well ill update you on Thursday when I see my GP!
Kirsty:) xxxxx

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

57weeks(13months)post 1st op and 27weeks(6months post op)-

Last week I turned 13months post op(56weeks), I had my CT scan last Monday (we dont know the results yet), the scan actually wasn't too bad it just was the waiting in the waiting room and the bus to get to hospital that hurt a lot. After my scan we went to Birmingham Children's Hospital to see my friend who has her scoliosis Surgery, She was nearly one week post op and was looking great! BCH takes the more complex scoliosis surgeries in which the patients need  PICU after the operation. A lot of patients and me are very lucky really that we only needed HDU after the operation, I mean that was bad  enough for me let alone my family. I cannot begin to think of what parents of kids that need PICU would be like.

We managed to go to Barmouth in wales on Sunday, what lovely weather we had for the trip aswell. it was great to get away for the day really, I even managed to have a walk on the beach. I was tired and sore when we got home but it was all worth the lovely day!
Lately I been feeling really faint and lightheaded, and ive nearly fainted on a few occasion's,  Also I still feel tired when I do things, I take my dog for a walk and I cant even take him far as I just get tired, I am going to see my GP tomorrow to see if she can be any help as to why it keeps happening.
here's some photo's from my trip to barmouth with my family on sunday!
Kirsty xxxx