Monday, 24 February 2014

29 weeks (7months) post op- second operation

So this afternoon my mom and dad got a phone call from the hospital to say that my consultant has checked my CT scan and he wants me to have my revision surgery next Tuesday!! im so much shock, I only had the CT scan last Monday I wasn't expecting it at all he said he wanted to see us in clinic before he arranged anything in our last appointment and now he said he wanted to operate ASAP! I was at the yard at the time with my brother explaining to him how to muck out a horse for when my sister has her fusion. To be honest i'm scared, as scared as I was when I had my fusion, we don't really know the details of the operation or what he is planning on doing but all we now is to expect me to be in there a few days but im sure we will get the full details when I have my pre op on Wednesday.

I'm hoping to get back on my horse soon, I sat on him whilst he was tacked up the other day (Naughty me!!) it felt so so strange I didn't sit wonky and I didn't hunch over. im quite happy now as I look like any other rider when I get on a horse and not having to depend on people to help with my hip etc.
Below is me sitting on Jimbo for the first time is 7months, I wont be able to get back on him until im fully recovered from this operation now heck im still not recovered from the first one!!
kirsty xxxxx

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

28weeks(7months!!)post op-

On Monday (17th) I had my CT scan i was told to be expecting to wait atleast a few weeks for the scan but infact I only waited 1 week! It wasnt actually that bad we waited a while in the waiting room for awhile because of a few emergencies but the scan it self only took a few minutes which was great also it wasnt as noisey or as inclosed as an MRI scanner which im thankfull for.
We have to ring monday to get an appointment to see the consultant again, hopefully I don't have to wait long as my neck is hurting a lot still and I'm finding no relief!

On the plus side of this all Tuesday saw me 7months post op, I'm hoping once my neck is all sorted I can start to ride my ponies again. Slowly but surely as the weeks go by I'm starting to get better, it's taking awhile (a lot longer than some people) for me to adjust and I am still finding it tiring and hard to walk a good distance but I think if I keep at it I'll be able to soon!
Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

27weeks(6months)post op- A not so picture perfect appointment!:(

I saw my consultant, Mr Mehta yesterday with my twin sister, After waiting 2hours in the xray department to have up-to-date xrays taken we were finally called to see him. It wasn't much good news for both of us really, After I told I was having really bad pain in my neck he checked it and said that it could either be a dislodged hook or That its because my left rod is too long either way it will mean another operation, I will be having a CT scan in a few weeks so he can see which one is causing the pain and I will see him after that to discuss it all. I really didn't think I would need another op but if it will get rid or help with my neck pain I have no choice really. I am also being referred to pain management because the numbness/hypersensitivity in my leg and back isn't getting any better so he is hoping that they can give me some type of cream to help with that.
My sister has also been told that her Scheuermanns kyphosis curve is now 76degrees and now has to go ahead  with Spinal Fusion Surgery too. We really wasn't expecting to hear it at all! we knew surgery was a possibility for her but now hearing it is another thing. I really didn't want her to have to go through all I did, the pain, the fear, the toughness, although it does all get better with time, She doesn't deserve it nobody does!! Mr Mehta did say he will be able to do it will posterior surgery only and not what I was going to have to have (Anterior and Posterior!) im glad in a way I only had posteror as I don't think id of coped with having the both operations in one go!

I have uploaded my xrays from yesterday and also my twin sisters kyphosis xrays aswell!
Kirsty xxxx