Friday, 4 September 2015

11 reasons why we should recover from our eating disorders-

well I have been thinking a lot and since im struggling a lot with my Mental health I thought id post right now some positives things in hope they'd help me and others-

1:- Life is more than about counting calories and weighing out things.
2:- There is more to us than how much we weigh.
3:- your overall health will be better,(no more being super cold, dizzy and feeling faint)
4:-You will be in control of your life not your eating disorder.
5:- People will compliment on the positives and not the negatives (how healthy you look and how much better your looking).
6:- you will be able to go to social occasions and not have to worry about food.
7:- You wont constantly worry about how many calories you have eaten.
8:- Being Skinny wont solve your problems, there are other ways to cope.
9:- Being tired all the time is no fun.
10:-you concentration will be better
11:- You can wear and buy clothes that fit your age group.

recovery isn't easy, I myself am struggling, but I know we all can do it!
kirsty xxx

108 weeks (25months)1st post op and 78 weeks (17months) post 2nd op-

Wow a lot has happened lately, to start with on the 8th of August I did my very first dressage test on our pony max, we did well considering he had only been in work 4 weeks prior doing the test! we scored 63.9% meaning we came in 5th place. I loved it so did max! I will add some photos below:)

On the 10th August we saw Mr Mehta because a few painful lumps have appeared on my back, they really hurt especially when I lean against something, if its my hooks, then he can remove them, he rquested a CT scan to check everything hasn't moved etc which I had 28th . We go back on the 21st of this month for the results and jemma has an appointment to see him aswell as she had to have a Spect CT, 8months on from her operation and she is still on morphine and very strong painkillers which isn't right, I really hope something shows up so they can get it sorted for her!.

Next week I start physio again, this is way over due considering Mr Mehta asked for it ages ago. im hoping they can help strengthen my lower back and help with my shoulder pain. I have been taking a lot of pain killers recently so im really hoping it will help.
kirsty xxxx