Saturday, 30 November 2013

My Scoliosis and Scheuermanns Kyphosis

I have always been a very quiet and shy person but i guess my back has a big part to pay in why i used to shut my self out from every thing and everyone.
Since my family noticed my back in 09 i felt kind of different from everyone else, i mean if being a 14 year old girl wasn't hard enough with  your body changing and that, but for me having Scoliosis and Kyphosis was hard and upsetting i had everything from the 'Why me's' to Shutting my self out from everything and hiding in my bedroom,
it didn't really help at school since late year 9 i was bullied because the other kids saw what my back looked like in PE before it got the way it did, even though i was too ashamed to tell them why i looked the way it did. I was constantly called a hunch back and being laughed at because i was different, i felt like a deformed freak, when i picked up the courage to go tell my head of year at school he told me to grow up Most days i came home from school and cried the bullying actually carried on until i left school in 2011.
I suppose i'm writing this now because i don't want others to do what i did and shut my self off from family and friends or to feel the way i did. and to know that there is people and places that help you. It wasn't until December 2012 when i found SAUK and started to feel alot better about the way i looked and i then knew i wasn't alone and since joining i have even made the decision to have the surgery to correct my back which i have had in August 2013 I am fused from T1-L2 and my kyphosis went from 95degrees to 50degrees and my scoliosis is now less than 9 degrees but my back will always be a part of who i am. So far ive made some really great friends who i hope to stay in touch withnand now i hope i can help people that have the same conditions i do.
Kirsty:) xxx

First Post :)

Id thought id kick the blog off with abit about me. I am now 18 years old and i have been a very keen horse rider for longer than i can remember, i have a horse called Jimbo who is just great and helped me through so much he has been there done that and used to be a cracking jumping pony, then there is Max a horse i look after for a lady at our yard he is a very cheeky pony but when he knows who is boss jumps lovely! Due to me having a massive interest in horses i decided  to go to college and study them which i have recently finished and loved! When I was 14 years old in2009 my parents noticed my back looked abit different so after a lot of GP appts,physio,X-rays and 2 consultations I was  diagnosed with scoliosis it was april 2010by that time and after being referred to The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham For a check up for my scoliosis i was diagnosed with scheuermanns kyphosis at the age of 15 in feb 2011, it was too late for bracing so they decided to 'watch and wait' for a year in april 2012 my kyphoisis curve was at 95degrees and thankfully my scoliosis was still classed as mild because there is no cure for the 2 conditions surgery was the best and only option I had to stop it getting any worse which I finally said yes too in December 2012. On the 6th August 2013 I had the surgery it's wasn't easy believe me , the hardest thing I've ever had too do but if I was given the chance again I wouldn't change a thing.