Wednesday, 11 May 2016

32 months post-

Things are starting to hopefully look up for me and jemma! Jemma had some good news from Stanmore which Is that they are trying to come up with a plan to hopefully to get her better, they have a few ideas in mind but they want another SPECT CT scan first, which will be done down London. everyone at Stanmore have been very helpful so far so we are hoping for good things <3

Secondly I have some news regarding my operation, I received a date to have my operation on the 24th of may but I have now decided that I will give it 6 months before having it, why you may ask??? I HAVE AN APPRENTICESHIP! I start on the 23rd of may, I cant believe it im so so so excited! its at a hospital training to become a healthcare assistant, its a year long thing 37.5 hours a week and im feeling hopeful that my back will be ok! I am now taking 2 8mg cocodamol when I need it, which is helping.

we also have moved our pony max to a new yard, this one haindoor and a outdoor school and beautiful hacking, im loving it there already! max is thriving and I feel like I can start to do things with him. ill post a few pictures below on how we are doing.

I have come to the decision to discharge myself, from all mental health services as im scared it will go against me with my up coming OT assessment for work. I wont have time to commit to appointments so I think it will be for the best,
I am scared to be honest, im worried I wont cope and ill relapse with my eating disorder, even now the thoughts are still there, and can be very loud. I really want to keep my promise to jimbo and keep at recovery so im going to try my hardest!

Kirsty xxx

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