Sunday, 6 March 2016

This isnt goodbye, its see you soon.- RIP Jimbo.

On the 27th of January we had to make the heart breaking decision to have Jimbo put to rest, with his arthritis getting worse and spreading we thought it was the kindest thing for him. The decision wasn't a easy one, we know he had a lovely 6 years with us and lived a great 23 years. he was one well loved pony, I never thought that when he cantered off with me when I first rode him we would have been so close, but we was!
He has done so much for me and helped me through so much, he gave me a purpose to keep going and gave me that reason to try and fight my demons, without him to say im finding it hard is a understatement. It is so upsetting to be down the stables and not have his cheeky character in your face. I am struggling with him not being here, he had such a massive positive impact on my life and without him I feel lost.

People say he is 'just' a horse but to me he was way way more than that he was my best friend who knew everything about how I felt and was there for me when I down,upset, he would always cheer me up!

So jimbo, I guess this isn't goodbye, its see you soon! I love you so much jimmy! :(

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