Thursday, 21 July 2016

2 years 11months post op-

Its nearly three years since my operation, which is amazing, it actually feels unreal! evrything with me me is going good so far, Ive had to have a few weeks off work while they sort a sutible placement for me to go on as they feel like that being on a ward will be too much wear and tear on my spine,  im hopefully going back soon! I am wanting to do more with max so the plan is too get out and about more and get him and me in shape, im happy with the p;rogress we both are making:)
I am managing the pain that i am having with a mixture of different things (heat, tigar balm, cocodamol) and so far it is lessening it. we are doing a yard funraiser next week for SAUK, we will be doing a yard ride, tombola and telling cakes in hope that we will raise some money!

Yesterday jemma passed her driving test!! im so happy that after all the rubbish she has been through since her operation something good has happened, we went to RNOH monday and they said because she is a complex case they want to have meeting to decide how they can

Im having alot of body comfidence issues lately, i really hate how my body looks since i gained the weight back, i just feel so ugly the only thing i do love is my scar! recovering from an eating disorder is so hard.

kirsty:) xxx

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