Thursday, 1 October 2015

25 months post op first op and 18 months post op secon op,,

Alot has been going on lately for both me and my twin! Where do I start?? Firstly we had our appointment with our surgeon on the 21st, it's both good and bad news! My twin Jemma is having to have another operation to get rid of a screw which is a hotspot on the scan, we are all hoping this will be the end of her pain but we can't be 100% , she's gutted and so scared but relieved she's being believed, I'm hopefully having my hooks out that have been causing problems for a while now and even though I'm gaining weight, the lumps don't seem to be dissappearing.
On the brighter note I've booked for me and max to go away for the week end 2-4th September next year ! I'm so excited and nervous , I haven't jumped since my operation but this camp I'll be jumping cross country fences, show jumping and I'll be doing dressage, it'll be good for us to go away and enjoy ourselves, problem is we are camping so I'll need a good camp bed so my back doesn't suffer too much ! Hopefully Jemma will be coming too so she can help me with max and be my groom lol.we have a lot of preparation for this so I need to make sure my weight goes up and my back is as pain free as possible!
I'll update you in the future with dates of Jemma's operation and what's happening with my back !
Kirsty xxx

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